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Wellness & Spa

MEMORIA SPA, the Destination Wellness Spa, offers the Physical Restorative programs and regenerate the inner power through natural healing elements to harmonize body, mind & soul.

Physical restoration program

We develop therapeutic touch protocol that works on soft tissue muscle with goal of reducing, tightness & spasm pain or other related symptoms for a condition. Physical Restorative Therapy differs from other forms of massage that focuses on relaxation and comfort.


Healing Program

The Four elements are the basic constituents of all matter and significantly includes The Human Body. The elemental composition of every substance in our body determines, it’s particular nature and attributes, properties and actions.


Day Spa Package

The rich tradition of The Memoria Spa has inspired a collection of treatments and packages highlighting four elements; regenerate harmonization of inner flow – in manifestation muscle relax, body nourish and detox and strengthen the radiant healthy skin glow.


Yoga & Meditation

In today's fast-paced world, it is as important as ever to attend to your mind, body, and spirit. Explore various ways to maintain and improve your well-being through our collection of resources on topics ranging from traditional Khmer martial arts, Apsara movement yoga, and mindful eating to pain management.



GUARANTEED: Received up to 15% Discount, Complimentary perks and persionalize service when you book directly with us.